The thalamic-primary auditory cortex circuit: a pathway to resilience in the face of stress and a potential target for depression treatment
Anti-hepatitis B virus activities of natural products and their antiviral mechanisms
Mulberry leaf flavonoids activate BAT and induce browning of WAT to improve type 2 diabetes via regulating the AMPK/SIRT1/PGC-1α signaling pathway
SBC (Sanhuang Xiexin Tang combined with Baihu Tang plus Cangzhu) alleviates NAFLD by enhancing mitochondrial biogenesis and ameliorating inflammation in obese patients and mice
Identification of Bulbocodin D and C as novel STAT3 inhibitors and their anticancer activities in lung cancer cells
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Asponchimides A−E: new enantiomeric N-acetyldopamine trimers from Aspongopus chinensis
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