Editorial:Cutting-Edge Publications Impacting Sciences:Beyond Natural Medicines
2015, 13(3): 161-162.
Salvia miltiorrhiza:Traditional medicinal uses, chemistry, and pharmacology
SU Chun-Yan, MING Qian-Liang, RAHMAN Khalid, HAN Ting, QIN Lu-Ping
2015, 13(3): 163-182.
Flavonoid-rich fraction of the Monodora tenuifolia seed extract attenuates behavioural alterations and oxidative damage in forced-swim stressed rats
EKEANYANWU Raphael Chukwuma, NJOKU Obioma Uzoma
2015, 13(3): 183-191.
Antipyretic and anti-inflammatory activities of Thais luteostoma extracts and underlying mechanisms
LIU Xin, TANG Yu-Ping, LIU Rui, JIN Yi, GUO Jian-Ming, ZHAO Jin-Long, DING Shao-Xiong, LIN Xiang-Zhi, LIN Ru-Rong, DUAN Jin-Ao
2015, 13(3): 192-198.
Characterization of pumpkin polysaccharides and protective effects on streptozotocin-damaged islet cells
ZHU Hong-Yan, CHEN Guang-Tong, MENG Guo-Liang, XU Ji-Liang
2015, 13(3): 199-207.
Determination of α-glucosidase inhibitors from Scutellaria baicalensis using liquid chromatography with quadrupole time of flight tandem mass spectrometry coupled with centrifugal ultrafiltration
YANG Jun-Ran, LUO Jian-Guang, KONG Ling-Yi
2015, 13(3): 208-214.
UPLC/Q-TOF-MS analysis of iridoid glycosides an metabolites in rat plasma after oral administration of Paederia scandens extracts
WANG Dong-Mei, XU Yi-Fei, CHEN Zhu, HUANG Lin-Fang, CHEN Shi-Lin
2015, 13(3): 215-221.
Optimization of the processing technology of Fructus Arctii by response surface methodology
LIU Qi-Di, QIN Kun-Ming, SHEN Bao-Jia, CAI Hao, CAI Bao-Chang
2015, 13(3): 222-231.
Simultaneous determination and assignment of 13 major flavonoids and glycyrrhizic acid in licorices by HPLC-DAD and Orbirap mass spectrometry analyses
WEI Shan-Shan, YANG Min, CHEN Xin, WANG Qiu-Rong, CUI Ya-Jun
2015, 13(3): 232-240.